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I switched to feeding North Paw to our 2 dogs a year and a half ago. Within weeks I noticed a change in their coats - so shiny and sleek! Both dogs have lots of energy and they love the food. I love that it is made locally, from ingredients found locally.
— Marsha Doyle
Was looking for quality product for my two dogs, wanted local, and North Paw delivered both. Reading the ingredients makes me feel good about giving it to them, they love it and are healthy and happy. So glad to have found this product.
— Wayne Jean Williamson
This is Ollie and Marshall, they are both rescue dogs from Texas. When they got here, they were both showing signs of mild malnutrition, Ollie more so than Marshall. Ollie had brittle nails, dull coat.. I wanted something local, and high quality. We tried North Paw, the results are amazing! Ollie has a beautiful coat, his nails have healed. Marshall is also thriving on it. They barely shed, they are healthy, and most of all, they are happy
— Michelle Blanchette-Trites
I found out that my cat had some food allergies and we couldn’t figure out what she was specifically allergic to. She was also overweight and needed a diet pet food. I decided to switch to North Paw because I knew it was made with real ingredients and I wanted to support a local business! She hasn’t had any reactions since we switched to North Paw Mature / Weight Health and she LOVES it!
— Abby Allen
This is Millie she is almost 3. We have been feeding her North Paw since she was 8 weeks old. We get lots of compliments on how healthy she looks and how her coat feels so soft and looks so shiny. We love that there are flavor options so we switch it up for her every month. The food smells delicious and fresh no wonder Millie is so eager to eat her meals, she has yet to refuse one.
— Mike and Amber Smith
My cat was an INSANELY picky eater. I chose North Paw because it’s local and lobster was a unique protein source.

My cat LOVED this food. I think in part because the flavour was unique and that he could smell it. He had a lot of scar tissue in his nose from upper resp as a kitten and since cats rely on smell, he just wasn’t interested in the other food he couldn’t smell. The lobster was strong and he took to it no problem! It was great to find a food my cat would eat consistently.
— Nathan Fletcher
I love North Paw Small Bites. I have 2 very small dogs, one with many food allergies, the other a very picky eater, very hard to keep his weight up. I tried several high priced, specialty brands, nothing really worked until an employee at Global Pet Foods suggested I try North Paw. They both love it. Bit’s weight is where it should be for the fist time in 5 years, and Biscuit’s allergies are totally under control. I cannot say enough good about this product. Please don’t ever change it.
— Vera Bradbury
About a year ago we switched Quincy to North Paw to help him lose weight. He had a very healthy check up a month ago. He Lost 15 lbs in a year! The vet was very pleased with him!
— Aimee Burgess

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